My Divorce Pal

Looking for support, guidance, understanding about the end of your marriage? 

Feeling alone, lost and overwhelmed? Not sure where to turn to for help or where to start?

My Divorce Pal is the friend you need to guide you through this.

This online, self-paced, affordable divorce coaching program is designed to reassure you and help you make the decisions that are right for you. You can join today for as little as $18 per month.

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My Divorce Pal covers all the different stages of ending your relationship so matter where you are in the process, you'll find the help you need.

“Divorce is complicated in itself, but the myriad of personal details surrounding the process make it nearly overwhelming...Mandy Walker writes about these matters. She is motivated by integrity, not revenge.”

C.G. - Boulder, CO

A Flexible Adaptable Approach For Your Situation

Untangling from your spouse and rearranging your life doesn't happen in a neat, orderly process. Events don't happen in certain order and it can indeed feel like it's happening all at once. It's often likened to being on a roller-coaster. That's why My Divorce Pal is designed so you can move from module to module, track to track getting help on each topic at the time you most need it. 

There are over 50 modules in My Divorce Pal. Each module is a standalone topic and is presented as a short video. Most of the videos are less than 10 minutes. This makes it super easy for you to find the time to work through the program. What makes the program so powerful is that each module comes with its own worksheet to help you apply the insights from that module to your own situation.

P.S. Each module also comes as an audio or written presentation so you can choose the format that works best for you. You'll find a full listing of the modules here.

A Program Based On Lessons Learned The Hard Way

My Divorce Pal is based on the collective wisdom of over 120 people who I have personally interviewed together with my experience as a divorce coach and mediator. These people have shared their pains...joys...successes...and failures with me so you can rest assured that the information I share comes from the trenches - from people who have been where you are and have thrived. This is what makes My Divorce Pal like having your own highly-qualified team of advisors, giving you compassionate, non-judgmental, tried and tested solutions. 

What Is Divorce Coaching? from Mandy Walker on Vimeo.

A Word From Mandy Walker

“My mission is to help you end your relationship with respect and dignity so you don't feel you're going through divorce alone, so you'll understand the process and your options, so you can be confident in the decisions you're making.”